What Disabled Christians Want and Need

Daniel Salamon is a co-organizer of the SDS Christian Caucus and Interest Group. He has written several books on Christian Theology and Environmentalism. His latest work; Confessions of An Autistic Theologian: A Contextual Liberation Theology, was released in 2013. He is also the author of Human-Animal Reconciliation: Franciscan Faith-based Interspecies Communications and Its Implications For Wildlife (2008) Creation Unveiled: The Implications of Girardian Theory for Environmental and Animal Issues (2003, 2010), Christian Environmental Studies: Toward a Graduate Program-Revised and Expanded (2012) and Have Mercy on Me, an Ecological Sinner (2012). In this blog post he discusses the needs of disabled Christians in our communities of faith.

What the Disability Assembly Might Want At-Large: I am basing my observation on what the disability community at-large needs from the Christian Church, based on my attendance of a presentation entitled “Spirit & Pride: Reimagining Disability in Jewish and Christian Communities” at the 2012 Society of Disability Studies annual conference in Denver, Colorado. All of us came to similar conclusions based on discussions, debates and break-out sessions which I will list briefly.
  • We Do Not Want Charity, We Want Justice!
  • There Is More To Accessibility Then Mere Wheelchair Ramps!
  • Act Locally!
  • The Moral Imagination as Libratory Praxis for Disability Justice!
I have my own list of how I re-imagine disability in Christian communities as a neurodiverse human:
  • To Get the Word “Selfish” Out Of Your Vocabulary!
  • To Crip Christian Environmentalism!
  • To Get That The Mind Is A Body Too!
  • To Become ADA Compliant and Fully Include Neurodiversity In Religious Leadership!
  • To Defend The Highest Ideals of the Christian Religion!
This is copyrighted material from Daniel Salomon’s book Confessions of an Autistic Theologian: A Contextual, Liberation Theology (Amazon: Create Space Independent Publishing Platform, 2013).

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